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Holly Jolly Hunt in

Brampton, ON

Recommended Starting Location

Brampton Holly Jolly Hunt

Garden Square

12 Main St N 

Brampton, ON L6V 1N6 Canada

Time: 1 hour

Distance: About 2 miles

Suggested Transportation: Walking

About Holly Jolly Hunt

Holly Jolly Hunt is a holiday photo scavenger hunt done on your smartphone, that brings your entire family and friends together for holiday cheer. During the adventure, you’ll be seeking out all the traditional, and even the non-traditional holiday items we all see this time of year. You’ll use the app to get points for each item you find. The goal is to capture as many items as you can in order to score as many points as possible. Along the way you’ll be asked to perform silly holiday themed tasks meant to bring laughter and smiles to everyone involved. Come play with us. Young or old, this is a scavenger hunt for everyone that enjoys this time of year. Our game should be done in a lively area of town with plenty of holiday decorations! It can be played in any city, big or small! Holly Jolly Hunt is back for 2021 and we promise you will create holiday memories that you will not forget!

How Do I Start?


First, purchase tickets for the amount of teams you'll need. You may have up to 10 players per team.


Once you have your tickets, you can redeem your tickets and receive your instructions to play!


Closed Until Next Holiday Season


Call: 843-732-2683


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